6 Ways to Wear a Durag

Wear a Durag
May 9, 2023

The durag is a fashionable fashion accessory that originated in African-American culture. It is now worn as a fashionable piece of headwear all around the world. We’ll show you how to wear and care for a Wear a Durag in this article.

Choosing a durag to go with an outfit

Consider the colours of your top and trousers/shorts, then choose a durag in a complementary colour that will complement the outfit. If you’re still unsure, remember that black, white, and grey Wear a Durag are always a safe bet. These durag colours go with any outfit, so you may wear them anyway you like.

However, you must remember that wearing those colours frequently will bore you. Wear your durags in as many different colours as you can.

How to Put on a Durag

  1. Turn the durag inside out so that the centre seam is visible on the outside. This manner, the centre seam will not be pressed too tight against your hair, leaving an imprint on it.
  2. Wear the durag as a hood, with the flap of the Wear a Durag lying flat along your neck and the front a few inches above your eyes. You can drag the front up higher or lower depending on your preference, but just above your brows is good.
  3. Take a durag string in each hand, then bind the two strings behind your head. It should be snug enough so that the durag does not slip off.
  4. Take each thread and cross it at your brow, so that it returns to the back of your head at the opposite end and lies flat.
  5. Tie the remaining end of each thread in a knot on the back of your head.
  6. Examine yourself in the mirror and make any necessary improvements.

The Advantages of Wearing a Durag

There are numerous reasons why you should wear a Wear a Durag. The following are the advantages of wearing a durag:

  • Hair preservation and maintenance

Wearing a durag might help you keep your hairdo and lock in moisture. Sleeping on a pillow after combing your hair can ruin your hairdo since it brushes against the pillow. A durag will keep this from happening. A durag will keep the brushing in place. If you’re using a durag to keep your hair looking flawless, don’t pull it too tight over your head.

  • The effect of durags and the waves

360 waves may not be a popular hairstyle right now, but they look amazing on any male if done correctly. These waves are radial concentric circles that emanate from the crown of the cranium. Durags can help you produce waves in your hair. However, you must understand that the Wear a Durag will only supplement or enhance the effect of the sportin waves cream or shampoo you use.

So, after applying wave shampoo, brushing, and hydrating your hair, you put on a durag to protect the waves and make them more noticeable and long-lasting. Wear the Wear a Durag repeatedly to extend the life of the waves.

  • Cornrows

When your cornrows are freshly done, durags can aid to protect them and keep them friction-free. Durags also help to keep cornrows frizz-free. A durag will also keep your cornrows from spilling over your face and pillow while you sleep, allowing you to sleep better. Hair breakage might occur if your cornrows become entangled in your pillowcase. Wearing a durag will keep this from happening. Simply slip the Wear a Durag over your cornrows and you’re ready to go.

  • Durag as a treatment for acne and other skin conditions

Wearing a durag can prevent oil from flowing from your hair to your face and pillow. These oils have the potential to block your skin pores and create acne breakouts.

It is recommended that you wear your least appealing durags at night and your nicer ones during the day. Visit this page to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Durag Maintenance

There are numerous methods for keeping your Wear a Durag clean. The following are some techniques to keep your endurance:

  • Cleaning a durag

When durags are worn around the head for an extended period of time, sweat and grime can build and cause them to smell. Soak yours in water for a few hours to eliminate accumulated sweat and filth and to make hand washing easier. Use a decent detergent that will not bleach the durag and cause the colours to fade.

Rub the durag softly with your hands, rubbing evenly across the length of the fabric. Rinse with water carefully until all soap buds are removed. Hang it to dry in a suitable location. Some fashion experts advise avoiding exposing your durag to direct sunlight, as this may develop creases and lead it to fade faster than usual.

  • Can you wash a durag in the washing machine?

It is not recommended that you wash your Wear a Durag in a washing machine. However, if you must, use a light hand wash cycle for no more than a couple of minutes. Also, lightly rinse. This will keep the fabric from becoming damaged or overstretched.

Cotton durags are the least sensitive to washing damage. When compared to other durag materials, velvet and silk durags are more easily ruined.

  • Can a durag be dried in a dryer?

It all depends. Cotton durags can be dried, however silk and velvet Wear a Durag should never be dried. Dryers can shrink the durag’s velvet and silk material, rendering it worthless. The texture and gloss of these durags are also ruined by dryers. It is preferable to hang your durag outside after washing it rather than placing it in the dryer.

  • To iron or not to iron a durag?

The method of ironing a durag is determined by the material of the durag. You should not iron anything made of velvet. You can only lightly steam it. Silk durags and other varieties of Wear a Durag can be ironed to remove creases and keep them looking great.


A well-maintained Wear a Durag will last for years and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

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