What Is Cremation Jewellery? – Guide 2023

Cremation Jewellery
May 9, 2023

If you’ve ever lost a family member or a loved one, you know how difficult it is to let go and accept the situation. For many of us, the funeral or cremation is our final opportunity to say goodbye before we must accept that they have truly died.

We frequently hear stories about family members scattering their loved ones’ ashes in fields or the seas. Others, however, like to keep them close and preserve a little portion of the ashes through cremation jewellery.

What Exactly Is Cremation Jewellery?

Cremation jewellery, also known as burial jewellery, funeral jewellery, or remembrance jewellery, can take the form of a bracelet, ring, or keepsake memory necklaces and pendants that remember you of your loved one. It is known to preserve a person’s memory and is a simple way for individuals to keep their loved ones close to their hearts.

You can also choose the size, design, and pricing range. Some people spend a lot of money on precious metals and jewels, while others opt for a less expensive option. There are also retailers who allow you to personalize your jewellery to make it more significant to you. They may contain photographs or provide engraving services.

The cost of the jewellery is decided by the type you choose to have manufactured, according to Closebymejewelry. It will also be determined by the type of manufacturer you select and whether you are ordering a single or numerous items of jewellery.

What makes it unique?

Cremation jewellery can be a meaningful way to honour your loved one. If you want to keep a memory alive but don’t want to carry the cremated remains around with you, consider using jewellery (pendants and lockets) to accomplish so. You can even use soil or sand from a special area for both of you, or even a lock of hair.

You might use something that brings back happy memories for your family or something that just you and your loved one are aware of. They believe that when they wear their cremation jewellery, the presence of their deceased loved ones is stronger on specific occasions. Although some people desire to have their ashes included into the diamonds, others do not to wear them discreetly, such as having some ashes mixed into the jewellery itself.

The Benefits of Cremation Jewellery

Traditional funerals and urns used to keep ashes have sentimental value, but cremation jewellery has some advantages. Let’s go over them one by one.

1. Your loved one is always close by.

The desire to remain close to a loved one, especially after they have gone, can be overwhelming. If they were burned or buried, and their ashes were spread in a cemetery, columbarium, or even in an urn at a relative’s home, a visit is essential to feel linked to them. Cremation jewellery can be worn by family members to keep their loved ones close at all times. This can assist them in moving forward from their sadness.

2. You can modify it to reflect the type of relationship you had.

People have different methods of interacting to one another, even within the same family. They form ties for a variety of reasons, and their passion for one another is based on those bonds.

You can personalize cremation jewellery to commemorate the special relationship you shared with your loved one. There are countless design possibilities. These might range from monograms with loved ones’ initials to emblems of common interests.

3. Have their photo engraved beside their favourite quote.

Cremation jewellery can be simple or attractive, and it can be made of high-quality materials such as gold. This will ensure that they are extremely durable and can be passed down to future generations as heirlooms. Even if gold or other precious metals are not accessible, pearls or gemstones can be used to enhance them.

Unlike traditional burials or cremation procedures, which only have one gravestone or urn, jewellery allows each family member to have their individual memento of their loved one. Customizations like these add to the uniqueness of the jewellery.

Suitable for one-of-a-kind situations

Sometimes families are forced to deal with the loss of more than one loved one. Grieving and moving on are more difficult in this situation, and the cost of cemeteries may be too expensive. Because of its size, ability to be personalised, and availability in a variety of price ranges, cremation jewellery is suitable for such occasions.

For example, a child who has lost both parents can have a one-of-a-kind design designed to represent the specific relationship that existed in their family. As a reminder of what your loved one represents, such a symbol can provide strength and guidance.

When Choosing Cremation Jewellery, Consider Your Lifestyle

The objective of cremation jewellery is to keep loved ones close to us at all times. Because flowers are symbols of love, they should always be kept secure and protected in memory of the deceased. As a result, it’s vital to consider your lifestyle when choosing cremation jewellery. If you are required to be really active and outdoors most of the time, a ring rather than a necklace or pendant may be more suited.

Is Cremation Jewellery Worth It?

One of the most prevalent types of memorial jewellery is small pieces of hollowed-out jewellery. These are miniature urns with a hollowed-out metal shell that holds a small amount of ashes. These types of jewellery are typically the most versatile. Cremation jewellery can also be offered as a personal memorial to grieving persons to help them cope with their loss, and it can also be passed down through the generations.

After cremating a loved one, families may struggle to decide which family member will keep the ashes. Cremation jewellery facilitates this decision by providing a piece of their loved one to each of them, ensuring that they can all remain close in some way. This is a great choice for folks who have larger families or other loved ones who want to share.

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